We’ve forgotten how to dance together . . .
Conscious Dance Academy isn't just about dance.

It's a solution to a world where we're more connected than ever . . . to information—but less connected than ever to our bodies and to each other.

This is a Movement to find Deep Connection to yourself and to your partner.

Dancing, simply, is one of the easiest ways to spark connection when things are getting dull.
You’ve got to get back in your body. When you get lost in your head she can’t find you. If she can’t find you her body won’t trust you and when her body doesn’t trust you, neither of you get what you want.

And, you need to learn to lead. This is one of the beautiful things about dance! The masculine energy naturally leads the feminine energy. The feminine wants to be led – not told what to do, not over-powered, but honored and shown off.

When she feels you doing that, she lights up, and men, you know when your woman is radiant, you feel like a total success. If this was happening more often, what might your life be like?
There is magic in dancing with a lead who is strong, safe, confident and capable.  When you feel it, you trust it. And soon you feel pliable, present, relaxed, and open. 

What other parts of your life might be better if you were able to experience that same relaxation and openness?

This is why dance is so amazing! Its skills, awareness and lessons we learn on the dance floor translate into more connection, more fun and more. . . well. . . radiance.
You're Not Alone
We’re in this weird little moment of history when everyone has gotten so independent that we’ve stopped dancing together, literally and figuratively.

Everyone is kind of dancing to their own tune.

But that gets lonely. When people look back on their life, one of the things they regret most is not having given are received as much love and connection as they could of. Love and connection are magic, and if you let them they will do magic things in your life. . . but you need a vehicle to do that.

Let dance be your vehicle.
But Dance?
Yes, dance! Its so simple, you get together, you get in rhythm, you start to connect, you form a physical language without the mind coming in and messing everything up.
Most people are too “smart” for their own good. You need to learn to create an energetic connection without having to explain, defend or posture yourself.

You get to have fun, and relax into each other again. . . when was the last time you did that? And maybe, just maybe, when you dance together you have that one special moment – when the masculine feels powerful and the feminine feels like she’s floating through air, fully supported, fully honored and safe.
What might that do for you?
Most people who attend Conscious Dance workshops, retreats and private lessons and coaching get so much more than they anticipated. They understood that dance could be used to create connection and spark intimacy, but they never learned that they could be used to really make massive jumps in realization about things that were holding them back in all parts of life.

Its this funny thing that most people don’t realize. We all store our stress and “problems” in our body and then they manifest as patterns in our posture, movement and energy.

I’ll offer this very humbly, but I’ve seen it to be true. If you and your partner come and dance with me, you’re giving me a direct window into your relationship in a way that might take months or even years with traditional counseling.

This isn’t intended to be therapy, but lots of people have rekindled a dying flame on the dance floor, just like many people have sparked a new fire there as well.

Dance is the physical language of love and I’m so excited to share this work with you. I know you’re going to love it.
Polarity is reflected in every aspect of life.

Learning to connect through partner dance and learning to use polarity on and off the dance floor changes everything.

Even if you're single, you'll...

> Increase Your Spirtual Self-Awareness: understanding how to dance with a partner is how to dance with life.

> Find Your Energetic Match for Partnership: you gain clarity on your "type" as you interact with others on the dance floor.

> Improve Your "Catchability" and Attractiveness in the Dating World: stepping into polarity is stepping into the foundation of attraction and allure.

And by applying what you learn off the dance-floor, you can use your understanding of masculine-feminine polarity to connect deeper and show up as more of your true self in your day-to-day life.

Your Co-Workers, Clients, Colleagues, Friends . . . They'll Notice.
Dance Classes Focus On . . .
> Body Awareness
> Rhythm
> Patterns
> Lead/Follow Basics
> Gaining Confidence
We touch on all of that at CDA, but it goes much deeper too . . .
> Energetic Awareness and Control
> Ability to Create Sexual Charge through Polarity
> Deeper Self Awareness
> More Power and Embodiment
> New Found Meaning in Relationship
> A Wiser, Fuller, Deeper YOU in the World
And don't just take our word for it. Here are what some real people have to say about their experiences with Conscious Dance Academy:

I realized there is sovereignty in communion. I love being free and ME and trusting the masculine to lead me. It was awesome to get out of our heads and into our bodies – feeling things we normally feel in intimacy practices. Fully trusting him to lead was new and refreshing.

It was perfect.

- Molly Butler

I  learned to dance! I was able to embody the feminine in a safe space! I also felt my partner embrace their full masculinity When my partner and I connected, and the balance of feminine/masculine came together; true power.

Be confident in this offering cause it's awesome!

- Kendra

Dropping into the masculine energy was the pivotal point for me. It helped me pull everything together and make sense of it. And it brought this confidence, and I was like “I can do this at public events now. I got this.” I’ve always wanted to do this.

When I connected with my partner, my mind dropped away and I could connect in the body and feel energy! It was seriously perfect!

- Will Nolan

I discovered the connection in the space between us and how to find alignment before movement.

We connected from our whole selves. We connected from a passionate, romantic space.

Breeanne & Aaron
Meet Jim Cruzen, Founder of CDA
Meet Jim Cruzen, Founder of CDA
Founder and Director of Conscious Dance Academy

Jim Cruzen is a dancer, a philosopher, a seeker and a naturally-born teacher. He has made a name for himself as a world class professional swing dancer for over 20 years. His unique talent is to synthesize diverse topics and make the complex simple.  He has a passion for language, energetics, body awareness, spirituality and relationship dynamics. This fueled his study of integral theory, subtle body practices, polarity dynamics, and esoteric philosophy.

These diverse interests have combined with his professional dance skills to create a powerful new method of deep connecting through dance.
If you're a part of the San Diego Conscious Community, you're invited to join our In-Person dance classes.

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We also have In-Person Retreats, that go WAY deeper on the topics of polarity, masculinity, and femininity, and includes a bunch of experiential lessons to thoroughly explore the topics through first-hand experience.

In the future, this expansion will continue.

By 2030, our goal is to have a regular Conscious Dance Academy class in every major city in the United States, and throughout the world.

Regardless of where you are, and who you are, you'll have a chance to experience this work first hand.

In the meantime, we'll also be creating Online teaching programs and more so that no matter where you are, you can taste the magic of genuine connection through dance.

These Free Updates are on some of our in-person events, yes, but also updates on the evolution of this modality and a bunch of free content to really thoroughly explore these topics.

If you're craving more of this movement (in both senses of the word) in your life, let's stay in touch.

Because this is just the beginning.

Welcome to Conscious Dance Academy. We'll speak to you soon.